For People Coming Home

We are committed to providing arts programming for students after they have returned home. Our offerings evolve alongside the needs of our community.

Examples of current opportunities include:

  • We partner with The ReEntry Lab, an organization provides returning artists with broader access to job opportunities, a variety of resources for smooth reentry, and routes to engage deeply with arts, social-justice, and community-focused organizations. Check out their website and get in touch with them here.
  • We offer mentorships through MPWW’s Mentor Program. Returning writers may work with a mentor upon release. The organization remains the conduit and gladly vets mentors and coordinates communication. There is no charge for this mentorship, which can last up to four years.
  • Returning MPWW students and their children are eligible for creative writing classes at the Loft Literary Center. Students join the scholarship pool, which offers them access to select classes.
  • Returning MPWW students are eligible for free memberships to Film North, an organization that empowers artists to tell their stories through film.
  • We also offer letters of recommendation for school or employment. We gladly work with employers to recommend alums for internships, jobs, and speaking engagements.
  • MPWW offers occasional arts programming on the outside, often during the summer.

If you are a former MPWW student, feel free to connect with us at